Here are some of our expertise

Foreign Procurement

Clook Logistics aims at purchasing foreign goods with comparative advantage over domestic goods, inviting foreign bidders.

Platform Maintenance

Clook logistics limited is capable of executing major construction, management and operation of onshore, offshore production facilities

General Electrical Maintenance

* Changing or replacement of old cables
* Changing or replacement of old cables
* Modification of existing network
* Replacement of old panels and switchgears
* Re-location of electrical equipment and cables

Ware Housing

From small start-up companies just breaking into the market, to large companies, Clook Logistics warehousing and distribution services are designed to add value to your business.

General Logistics

Clook logistics Limited provides you with the very best in logistics. We offer expert solutions in all forms of logistics support services. Air Freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight all this to give our clients maximum satisfaction.

Vessel Leasing

Clook Logistics Limited has a vessel management plan which will

Instrumentation Services

We also provide Well Instrumentation Services like: Control Panel Design, Emergency Shutdown System Design, Wellhead Safety Control Systems Upgrade etc

Valve Replacement

Through alliances and partnerships with 28 of the world’s top valve manufacturers, Clook Logistics provides factory authorized valve modifications and repair services to a broad spectrum of distributors and end-users.

Construction Of Civil Works

Clook is involved in a wide variety of commercial building types ranging from Corporate office facilities and healthcare projects, to industrial developments, and mechanical and electrical projects

Facility Management

Clook logistics is dedicated to the co-ordination of and functionality of space thus letting you focus on your core business.

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